Minister Teresa Bellanova praises the Pontine supply chain

Berlin Fruit Logistics 2020closes today. in the stand of the Pontine area, the Minister of Agriculture Food and Forestry Teresa Bellanova:“Agro Pontino can become a model for the Italian system”

“Agro Pontino, can become a model, a benchmark for Italy.” This is the comment of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Theresa Bellanova in the stand of the Rural And Artisan Cash of agro Pontino,at the Berlin Fruit Logistics 2020, on the sidelines of the meeting with the cooperatives of the province of Latina in the presence of the leaders of the Rural Bank and the President of the Province of Latina, Carlo Medici. President Maurizio Manfrin and General Manager Gilberto Cesandri, presented to the Minister the project “Agro Pontino from Marsh to Resource”, which aims to create a strong identity of supply chain. “Latin,” the Minister pointed out to the Pontine producers, “is an excellent reality like so many in Italy. We must network and work to create a system that supports and protects our quality productions.” She added: ‘The Government is working to provide a Community disaster fund. It is a line of action to be included in the green deal. This is because Europe cannot help businesses when they are closed, but when they really need it.’ Finally, the call to continue on quality production:“We have put in place an alliance with consumers so that the quality of the Mediterranean diet will give the right value to the productions of the many Italian supply chains. Continue on this path.”

It echoes the words of the government representative, the President of the Province of Latina Carlo Medici, who stresses: “The Province of Latina will support all projects that create networks within the territory, and capable of enhancing all areas of our excellence, both tourism and agri-food. This is the only way to become truly competitive.”

“After a reasoned first phase, like all projects that have soul and ideas, I believe that this year can start a second and new cycle ,” says President Maurizio Manfrin. In fact, we can consider the break-in, involvement and sharing that has accompanied us over the last four years to be over. From here, in 2020, we start for a new project that I hope within the next five years can make the Brand Agro Pontino, a brand recognized and appreciated not only in Italy.

We bank the task of creating value in favor of the cooperative fabric of our territory and all producers, ready to be active protagonists.” “This year,” points out General Manager Gilberto Cesandri, “i feel even more that in the past I feel a renewed interest from our members and customers towards participating in the Berlin Fruit Logistics. This confirms that our vision, a few years ago, when we started the path of internationalization, was correct.

Today we breathe, on the part of the cooperatives, the pleasure of engaging in a common project. It is therefore with pride that we stand as a partner with them, to facilitate and support the initiatives that local entrepreneurs undertake, and to better address the new challenges.”

In Berlin these days there is also a task force of ICCREA Banca Enterprise, rib of the banking group ICCREA cooperative credit, which follows the business sector. As the closing credits of the fair flow, Carmine Daniele, Head of Area BCC Centro Sud comments: “The presence of ICCREA BankEnterprise at this important event is a clear sign of the support that you want to give to small and medium-sized companies customers ICCREA Banking Group.”